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Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but running a blog whilst pregnant and working full-time has proven more difficult than I thought. The last thing on my mind is taking photos of my ginormous self and rambling on about what I am wearing. Therefore, I've decided to go a different direction. On the style end, you'll be seeing more baby decor while attempting not to be overrun by baby toys. I can't wait to travel again after the baby arrives, so travel pics are always fair game. Of course, I throw out the disclaimer that all things are subject to change post-pregnancy. I do have pregnancy brain after all. ;) For those wondering, I'm in my third trimester at 33 weeks. Home stretch! Yeah!

Looking forward to getting back on track and posting again!
 photo char98 1 of 1_zpsofcp2ass.jpg
My final mini-babymoon in South Padre at 26 weeks. Ahh... to be at the beach again...

 photo babyy 1 of 1_zpsr3os923m.jpg
Just last weekend when my L.A. gal pal came to visit me over the July 4th weekend. Here's a nice side view of the ever-growing bump! And if I forgot to mention, it's a girl!


  1. Awww congrats! So exciting :D no one could be mad at a blogger for letting life get in the way--I feel like as long as you always come back to your blog for the big things it doesn't matter how much time is in between. I got really swamped with school and student teaching last year and was very spotty but I'm back so I totally get it!


  2. WWOWOWO!!! Amazzzing pics!! Congrats on being pregnant!!! SOOO excited for you! YAY! U look beautiful!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls



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