Another Chapter

     Lately, there's been a lot of Houzzing, flipping through pages of Atomic Ranch, and browsing of Design Sponge.  Why, you might ask?  Bryan and I just plunked down a nonrefundable deposit on a new home meaning there's no turning back now.  Our house search kicked into high gear last month after finding out our duplex of five years was about to be sold.  We decided it was finally time for us to move from a rental to a house of our own.  Although the contract on the duplex fell through, we continued our search and laid claim to an under-construction townhome in the Heights neighborhood of Houston.  The Heights is known for its adorable bungalows but with the hot real estate market and increasing values in the area, any bungalow meeting our space requirements sadly exceeded our first-time homeowners' budget. 

See, so cute, right?
 photo bung4_zps2171ef6e.jpg
Craftsman style bungalow
 photo bung_zpsabaebff2.jpg
Queen Anne style bungalow
     Instead, we opted for an energy efficient townhome by a reputable builder with one thing I've always wanted- a walk-in closet.  Our balconies are not too shabby either, but they'll get their time in the limelight in another post.  As the home gets built, we're able to watch its progress (currently a weekly visit) and make adjustments as necessary.  We also purchased it just in time to make our interior design choices.  We're excited to see the final product but also crossing our fingers it doesn't turn out to be a horrible mess. 

     This blog has evolved in the past years, but I have a strong feeling it will soon be very home centric.  If you're curious to see what I'll be doing with the new house, I'll be adding a "House & Home" link in the menu bar to merge all of my home updates and inspiration.  

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