Wards in Color Bike Tour

     In April, my friend, Troy, will be starting an art-focused bike tour showcasing the Houston wards in all their glory.  The weather was just too beautiful not to do something outdoorsy, so Bryan and I decided to give it a test run.  This is how our day went:

 photo ride_zpsf0c2c294.jpg
 photo ride2_zps3ecd1efc.jpg
Tour De Hood is not Troy's bike tour but we thought the background was rather fitting
 photo ride3_zpse0b10f92.jpg
 photo ride4_zpsd5e82d93.jpg
Project Row Houses
 photo ride5_zps6cdebcc3.jpg
 photo ride6_zpsd5201e9a.jpg
Doshi House coffee shop and vegetarian/vegan yumminess
 photo ride7_zps3129b808.jpg
 photo ride8_zps8736bdfd.jpg
 photo ride9_zps277f34de.jpg
Had to make a pit stop at the oldest wine bar in the city, La Carafe
 photo ride91_zps749e6392.jpg  photo ride92_zps3c6a7d18.jpg
 photo ride93_zpsf72a1e83.jpg
 photo ride94_zps848cf502.jpg
 photo ride95_zpsb8906f4e.jpg
 photo ride96_zpsfa59c45d.jpg
 photo ride97_zps36d07562.jpg
 photo ride98_zpsed1e93e8.jpg
 photo ride99_zps56d872d9.jpg
 photo ride991_zps69096ca4.jpg
 photo ride992_zpse923a7bf.jpg

I think the boys had way too much fun at the playground.
 photo ride993_zps1fe277bf.jpg
Ok fine, I did too.
 photo ride994_zps95d553d2.jpg
Discovered that Dan Havel and Dean Ruck of the sorely missed Inversion installation have another beautiful sculpture in the
Fifth Ward!
 photo ride995_zps5feb1c96.jpg
 photo ride996_zps395d72b2.jpg
 photo ride997_zps29b2b594.jpg
 photo ride998_zpsd03b10c5.jpg
 photo ride999_zpsf1a8cd59.jpg
Ahhh, I love you Houston.
 photo ride9991_zpsc9c916a1.jpg
I was famished at the end of the tour.  Thankfully, there was Bohemeo's to save the day!

     I had so much fun on the bike tour. I seriously can't wait to do it again! Troy will also be operating van tours of the city. If you're interested in getting in on the action, you can find his upcoming events here.

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  1. This looks amazing, you sure had a great time.



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