Brooklyn Athletic Club

No, we're not in Brooklyn, but we sure like to pretend.  Met up with a friend for good eats at another restaurant by the talented Shepard Ross, from oh, you know... Glass Wall, BRC...

Brooklyn Athletic Club, or as Katharine Shilcutt of the Houston Press describes it, is "like someone created a tiny, unpretentious country club and smacked it down in the middle of Houston. And there's a nice restaurant attached."  Pretty much.  I almost wished I was donning my favorite pair of khakis and sun hat.  If the weather wasn't so hot and muggy that day, I would have even been up for a game of bocce ball in their outdoor gaming area.

I went with some of my favorite classics, mussels that tasted like bacon and gnocchi made from paleo-friendly potato.  Yes, this meal is pre-Paleo, which I should probably discuss in a later post.

Pei Mussels: Nueske's Bacon, Mint • Jalapeños • Bombshell Blonde • Sweet Cream Butter  
Sweet Potato Gnocchi: Caramelized Mushrooms/Apples • Crispy Leeks • Sage/Parsley Cream
Frites with Jalapeño Aioli

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  1. Frites with Jalapeño Aioli sounds perfect, I like the name of the place


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