Boho Meets Minimal

// Isabel Marant Etoile Stacy blouse (you can still find it here) / Serfontaine shorts / Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers / vintage purse / Anthropologie sunnies //

Yes, yes, I know, my favorite background wall. Sorry guys, but when you find one you like that's mostly hidden from public oogling, you stick with it!  So, I'm not a real girly girl, but lately, I've been drawn to florals especially for the summer.  This Stacy print top by Isabel Marant Etoile had stuck in my head since the beginning of the Spring/Summer season, but since I already had last year's Hector in red, I was really hoping to stumble across the Petrol color in the sales.  I wasn't sure whether I would find this top during sale season, since it was one of the more affordable pieces that was picked up pretty quickly at regular price.  Luckily, during my visit to Austin last week, I stopped by By George on Congress St. (love this shop!) and lo and behold, found one left in my size and in the beautiful teal color.  Yep, I am one of those people who believe that signs like this can only mean it's meant to be.  Although the print is pretty muted for a floral, I still wanted to keep the overall outfit minimal with black details and accessories.  I love the carefree bohemian aesthetic, but I just don't feel it's quite me.  I think this outfit proves that boho can blend well in a modern and clean aesthetic with the right companion pieces.      


  1. You look lovely in this - very clean and simple. I like the black contrast. I'm a big one for taking a more "boho" piece and toning it down rather than going mad and exaggerating the whole look. BTW ... I picked up the red version - I had my eye on it since early season too and suddenly there it was, right size, right price. Like you say - it was meant to be :o)

    1. Thanks Sue! Yes, a little boho is fine with me, but too much and I feel it's too costumey for my style. The red version is beautiful too! I love the color against our Asian skin tone. It makes me happy to know that you were able to pick up the piece in the sales as well. I'll have to check your posts to see if you've worn it already. I've been really behind on my blog reading lately...


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