DOLCE VITE FOREVER YOUNG // Italian Hot Sipping Chocolate

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One of my good friends recently launched her start-up, Dolce Vite, bringing that oh so yummy thick Italian hot chocolate over to the States in addition to other drinks down the line.  The first time I tried it was sampling her products, but apparently this stuff is pretty popular in Italy. I have to preface by saying it tastes nothing like your boxed Nestle hot cocoa. It's thick so you sip or eat it with a demitasse spoon and uses bittersweet chocolate so it's not uber sweet (for those with refined palates!). Besides being tasty, the sippable chocolate has no GMOs, no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, and is low in sugar and caffeine.  As you can guess, it makes a great alternative to coffee and a healthier dessert option. Chocolatto is just getting its feet off the ground in New York and is currently available at 11 locations around the city.  Here are some photos of happy drinkers...

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To celebrate the launch, artist Jason Castro collaborated with Plutonium paint and graffiti exhibit space, 5 Pointz, to create a custom Dolce Vite car. 
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Cute, huh?

Dolce Vite is not just about drinks but also about creating entrepreneurial opportunities for students and recent grads. If you're a go-getter and interested in being a part of this endeavor, you can find more information here

I can't wait to drop into one of the New York locations the next time I'm there!  If anyone has tried Chocolatto, let me know what you think!

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