DIY: A Frame for Your Frames

I've been holding onto this DIY for awhile, so I've had time to put the frame to use and test it before sharing it with you guys. And the verdict is... it works like a charm! To help our absentmindedness, we have a cabinet in the middle of our home that serves as a table for our keys, phones, and sunglasses. As you can imagine, it can get pretty cluttered especially with all the glasses strewn about. So I finally got fed up and decided to do something about it. 

What you'll need:
I purchased my frame from Aaron Brothers because of their selection, and I had a 40% coupon. Thrift stores are also great places to look for frames in different shapes and sizes. You will probably want to find a larger frame to accommodate more glasses and one that is at least as thick as your glasses when they are laying flat.

1) If your frame has glass and/or cardboard, remove the glass and everything else so you're left with the frame only.

2) Place your sunglasses down and configure them the way you would want them to hang to measure spacing.

3) Hammer in nails to the sides and use pliers to wind the metal wire around the head of the nail. Remember to keep the wire as taut as possible.

It should look like this from the front:

4) Hang your glasses!
You can add as many "levels" as your frame can fit and change it up with colored wire or a decorated frame. You can even clip drawings or magazine clippings to the wire for a different take on the mood board.


  1. This is super cute!! I would so do this if I had more room on my walls (and more sunglasses!) :)


  2. Cute! This is super original!


  3. This is such a fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing Teresa! xo Kayin

  4. Cute idea. I have a little shelf thing from Ikea that I hang all our sunglasses on but we still don't have as many as you.

    1. Wow, I guess I've always thought people had a lot of sunglasses! I'm starting to think this might be a secret obsession of mine.

  5. oh wow, this is such an awesome and useful idea!

  6. Oh that looks so cool! And handy, I always lose my sunnies. Great idea, thanks for sharing!




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  7. This is perfect! Have been searching for ages for something to store my sunglasses!
    Definitely gonna try this out!


  8. Very creative! Love the prints on the cabinet, too. :)


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