The Moon and The Stars

// Vena Cava tunic top / Free People jeans / Sam Edelman Pax boots /Zara purse / pendant from Etsy //

Although I don't normally gravitate towards girly tunics with star prints, I fell in love with this top after the girl at the shop suggested I try it on. Typical, right? I guess it was something about its silkiness and scattered celestial print that found its way into my heart. I'm not sure what the future holds for Vena Cava, but I was disheartened to hear that they may not be around for much longer.
The store buyer informed me that they were unable to purchase anything for the Spring season. Even the collections on their website only go up to Fall 2011, which I hope is only due to a lack of updating. Let's not dwell on a downer, but instead how awesome are these Sam Edelman's?

I tried on the black leather ones at Nordstrom about a year ago, but they looked really tough (like biker chic tuff), and I don't think that was the vibe I wanted to go for. Then, I saw that good ole' Gilt was having a flash sale on Sam Edelman shoes and nabbed this still tough but less "imgonnakillyou" suede taupe version at half the price. If you don't own any Sam Edelman's, their quality is really, really good. I would give these boots A+ for comfort, style, and material. The last pair I tried on were the light pink, fringe Louie boots before finally giving in to the IM Dickers. They were my absolute favorite pair of boots after trying other similar styles from different brands. Again, great quality and feel. I ended up returning them because of the fringe accents, but they definitely caught my attention.


  1. Love your Sam Edelman boots. I agree the quality is so great.

  2. Ahhh you can always count on Gilt. Lovely boots!

  3. Nice look! :)
    Take care xoxo


  4. Was that shirt sheer at all? That's the issue I always have with these flowy shirts.

  5. Aki!: The shirt is slightly sheer, and I always wear a basic tank underneath any of my sheer shirts. I usually pick up cheap tanks in different colors from places like Forever 21 or Target.

  6. That's a lovely outfit, Teresa. I particularly like the tunic top. Great purchase.

  7. Beautiful top, the pattern is subtle and not too girly at all!

  8. nice shoes!


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