Red Trash Rouge

// Isabel Marant silk blouse / Seven for All Mankind jean leggings / Desmo bag / Minimarket boots //

I've been looking for a basic pair of black skinny jeans with a good amount of stretch and by golly, I think I found them in these Seven second skin leggings which have the look of jeans (real pockets and all) and the perfect amount of 2% spandex. Now I just need to pick them up in every color. I've realized that I practically live in skinny jeans. Ever since the trend began, I jumped on the bandwagon and never looked back. Anything beyond skinny now feels inappropriately baggy to me. It's strange how quickly our perceptions of style can change, which makes me curious as to what trend I'll embody next.

// Lana del Ray "Blue Jeans" //


  1. I totally agree with you, non skinny jeans make me feel weird and frumpy?! The furthest I'll go now are straight cuts, any bigger than that and I feel so outdated!

    My fav combo of them all is what you have on here, skinny jeans + ankle boots! I bought a suede pair similar to the Marant Dicker boots, I'm in love.

    love your blog!

    xoxo champagne

  2. Love the jeans. I also love skinney jeans although according to every magazine and "what not to wear" I shouldn't wear them because I'm curvy. I still don't care. I love them. Great boots too.

  3. this outfit is so chic! - I love your boots
    you have such impeccable style! loving your blog



  4. i'm with you. i go with skinny jeans, or legging/tights. other from that just not working for me. love your blouse btw! :)

  5. Ms. Champagne: Yes, I know! I also like the fact that with skinnies I can tuck them into my boots. Yep, my uniform is definitely skinny jeans + ankle boots.

    mj: That's the beauty of the spandex! It will accentuate whatever curves you have (or don't have) and still keep you chic. I just love the fitted look.

    Fabliha: Thank you! Now YOU have an amazing blog! Gorgeous photos and outfits. I could browse it all day!

    devishanty: I go straight to the skinny jeans too and work my outfit around them. I know, gotta branch out, but I can't help the fact that they are my go-to comfort piece.


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