I See Turkey in My Future

// Zara striped tee / Flying Monkey jeans / thrifted belt / Target boots / Obaku watch (find here) / little o by wolfbrother necklace / orangeisthesun bracelets //
Elena Portz of Teen Council "Male & Female Shadow"
knitted rabbit scarf from Hello-Lucky
And for all the haters...

Whew, finally got a chance to put this post together after a short week, which meant much more work cramped into very little time. No matter, I am super excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Probably my favorite holiday of the year by far. Nothing says a good holiday than spending time with family and eating lots of delicious homemade food.

This weekend I squeezed in some time to drop by the annual Winter Holiday Art Market or WHAM for short. It's a great place to shop early for Christmas gifts or to buy a few treats for yourself. I don't do much Christmas shopping anymore, so I ended up purchasing 2 beautiful screenprints from our friend, Carlos Pozo, and a couple of stackable bracelets from Houston jewelry maker, Jennifer of orangeisthesun. I'm completely enamored with her modern take on the friendship bracelet and found the bracelets to be versatile and extremely fun to mix and match. Plus, she recycles vintage buttons for the clasp holder. (go green!) No doubt I will be ordering more from her Etsy store. I even discovered Bryan secretly wearing one out the other day. So yes, I think they're great for both girls and boys.

So I have to say, if I had to choose a uniform, it would include stripes, skinnies, and a pair of boots. I've had my eye on Saint James t-shirts for awhile now but have yet to muster the courage to plunk down almost a hundred dollars for stripes. Truth be told, I have plenty in my wardrobe arsenal, but who can have enough of the classic design? Not I. So when I found this top at Zara for less than $20, I really couldn't say no. It's comfy and lightweight and makes the perfect staple for layering or wearing alone. I've been pretty impressed at how well stripes pair with just about anything.

Wishing everyone a joyous Thanksgiving and look out for my Black Friday giveaway from Shopbop!


  1. I'm in love with that scarf. In love. I hope you bought it!


  2. woah fabulous outfit, I love the scarf <3

  3. i have those boots, this is awesome, keep it up! i'll definitely be coming back!
    and i hope you'll come by and visit sometime soon!

  4. love your necklace!so cute=)
    kisses pretty and have a nice weekend=)

  5. My gosh that last shirt cracked me up! Loving the shot with the rice and necklaces.

    style roulette
    by funnypeopleco.com

  6. i love this look! so cute and simple :)
    and those are such wonderful jewelery pictures! i wish i had every single piece!
    haha xx

  7. love the neclace! and the scarf is fantastic! :D


  8. There is something very chic and appealing about Breton stripes. It is a very classic look that is timeless. I love the tee with the Houston print on the front. Chic and cheeky :-))


  9. So many cute pieces to look at! Love the jewelz, love the bracelets. Thanks for introducing me to Orange is the Sun- I need some on me.


    The Style Rawr!


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