En Route to Whatever

"The Firecracker" pizza
Sweet Potato Fries
Medianoche Cuban sandwich
Guanciale Burger

Enjoyed delicious food and local brew with friends at Plonk. I was pleasantly surprised by this new cozy gastropub that sat in a nondescript shopping center. A great place to chill with buds and the food is definitely worth coming back for.

Afterwards, Bryan and I went to see Battles...

I was a little overwhelmed when I first walked in three songs deep, but I was quickly pulled in by the fun sounds and funky beats. Progressive yet accessible with just enough quirkiness to make you feel like you were sucked into an 8-bit video game. I admit the only song of theirs I've ever heard was "Atlas" from playing Little Big Planet. I'm so glad Bryan dragged me to the show (on a work night no less!) because I am now a new fan.

// Ruby Moon dress / vintage boots / Zara bag //

To make this somewhat fashion-related, here's an outfit shot. The second photo is my moment of realization that I was becoming fresh mosquito bait.
And now you know why I always wear pants.

Battles "My Machines" (feat. Gary Numan)


  1. amazing photos! that food looks incredible :)

  2. well, I just got really hungry looking at these photos ! :)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. besos. C

  3. First. You are adorable. Your hair is amazing and you have great style glad to find you.

    Second. I need to find that plonk place. It looks incredible.

    Third. The mosquitos!!! WHy are they all of a sudden plaguing my life!

  4. That pizza looks AMAZING. And I love your little striped dress.
    xo Josie

  5. cute sweater dress and that food looks absolutely delicious! that cuban sandwhich looks deelish!

  6. mj: Thank you! Yes, you should definitely check out Plonk! It's north of The Heights and has a good selection of local beers and as you can see, yumalicious food. Great little hangout spot.


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