Little Mexico

It seems like ages since my last food post, doesn't it? I assure you I've been eating plenty, but Bryan and I have been focusing on eating better, exercising more, and not going out so much for food which has been a blessing on our pocketbooks and our waistline. We've even contemplated the idea of purchasing a juicer after watching a documentary about an Aussie traveling around the U.S. for 2 weeks on a liquid diet of juiced fruits and veggies. A freshly juiced drink here and there really doesn't sound so bad when you think of all the nutrients you're taking in!

Far from juicing, we finally made it out to the cute little Mexican cafe and bakery, Guadalupana, that's right down the street from us. We came in for a Saturday breakfast (which was more like lunch) and were greeted by a bevy of smiling faces, including the owner's! The customer attention throughout our entire sit was extremely pleasant and almost beyond gracious. Bryan had the Carne Guisadas and I, the Omelette Especial. My omelette was quite delicious! Might I say one of the best I've ever had? I guess it helps that it had a little bit of everything and best of all, bacon! The smell of their signature cinnamon coffee still lingers in my mind.

We will definitely be returning.


  1. Yummy,food looks super gorgeous x


  2. yummmm looks delicious <3

    XO Sahra

  3. Justin and I were thinking about doing the same thing! I just watched that documentary as well. :)

  4. L-Yo: Really? B and I are trying to decide on which juicer to get. We all should get juicers and exchange juicing recipes!

  5. i love food posts

    your newest follower Michelle

  6. I'm hungry:)
    This food is so yummy!


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