I'm in a Fiery Furnace

Truly Madly Deeply tank : Tripp NYC denim : Faryl Robin wedges : Day-Lab necklace : Liz Claiborne bag

Wow, so I take back all the hooplah about me enjoying being outside in the heat. They just started doing construction on our half of the street which means part of our driveway and sidewalk have been reduced to a pile of broken concrete. I've been having to park further than I would like and carrying what feels like 10 lbs of groceries from the car to the house. Fun fun stuff, I tell ya. After seeing all the gorgeous fall collections coming out, I am tempted to stay inside until the leaves start falling.

Besides complaining about the weather, I recently watched this video of my friend working his graffiti magic for a friend's proposal, and I just couldn't resist posting it. You can find more of my friend's stuff here.


  1. you look great! and I love that necklace!


  2. great look!


  3. Those jeans ROCK!

    FASHION du jour

  4. Ah I love that video, have seen it elsewhere.

    Your friend is superbly talented.


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